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 For backfilling, slurry, dust, cement etc.

A range of CrC internally hard-faced pipes from 4" (100mm) diameter upwards. The bore is cladded with 4mm to 6mm CrC and is extremely smooth and even, for good flow results. The CrC is more robust than Ceramics and longer lasting than rubber.

  • 4' (100mm) I.D. and upwards, in 3m lengths
  • Bends, 'T''s, and straight pieces
  • Flanges fitted or loose
  • Easily weldable on the outside (Mild Steel)
  • Inside Hardness 56-58 Rc
  • Outlasts rubber many times
  • Cannot chip off
  • Manufactured from Rio-Carb CrC plates and alloys
  • Ovality tolerance max 3mm