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Rio-Carb CrC wire is a Chromium enriched hollow cored wire depositing a very high content of Chromium Carbide (CrC) alloy.

Highly recommended for rebuilding, re-inforcing and bull-nosing Rio-Carb CrC Chromium Carbide Long-Life Liners. See our datasheet Chromium Carbide with *MaxCSTM for details of this alloy.

Hardness is 58-60 Rc on a 3 layer deposit.

Shielding gas is not required (”open-arc”)

Diameter: 2.8mm (7/64”)
Amperage: Approximately 250
Voltage: DC
Polarity: Wire to Positive
Specifications: AWS EFeCrA1
Chemistry: 25% Chromium
4% Carbon
3% Other Alloys, after 3 passes
Hardness: 58-60 Rc
Carbide Hardness: 1700 VPN
Packaging: 25kg Metal Basket
Outside ø = 410mm
Inside ø = 300m
Width = 105mm

250kg Drum
Outside ø = 600mm
Height = 650mm
Weight = 250kg
Charged out at actual NETT weight