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A heavily coated Chromium Carbide (CrC) electrode for hard-facing of equipment and machinery components exposed to high abrasion. This electrode has excellent welding properties and with smooth bead surfaces.

High deposition rates and 160% metal recovery for cost effectiveness. Deposit can be machined by grinding only.

Also designed for use on Rio-Carb long-life wear plates.

May be deposited directly onto mild steel or over previously hard-faced areas. Not more than 3 runs should be applied, otherwise a “buffer” layer of stainless steel (304 or 312) should be used.

Useful for re-enforcing high wear areas.

Ideal for bull-nosing / edge welding of Rio-Carb CrC wear plates.
ie: Where edges are exposed to wear such as; vibrating feeders’ outflow, and other areas where the mild steel backing may be eroded.

Uses: Crushers, chutes, fans, cyclones, earth-moving equipment and any wear part subjected to sliding or gouging action. Moderate impact.
Amperage 130-160 D.C. + (positive) or A.C. (4mm diameter)
(after 2 weld runs):
Chromium 28%
Carbon 4.5%
Other elements 3%
Specifications: AWS E Fe Cr-A1
DIN E10-UM-60-R
Hardness: 58-60 Rc (after 2 weld runs)
Storage: Keep dry. Re-bake at 120°C for 2 hours if porosity occurs in the weld metal from damp electrodes