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  • Highly reliable and accurate
  • No bumps or holes on surface
  • Can be easily removed when worn out
  • Cheaper than countersunk holes
  • Hard to break off

Flash welding at 1200 amps
for ½ a second

Finished stud with
a nut and washer

Test demonstrating the
strength of stud (M16)

This will ensure that
the liners fit,
the studs don't break,
and that the material flows.

Advantages are:

  1. Excellent strength.
  2. Smoother surface finish than inserts and Nib-Head Countersunk bolts.
  3. Easier to install. Supplied complete with galvanised nuts and washers
  4. Easier to remove as rusted threads do not have to be flame-cut off.
  5. Studs can be placed with an accuracy of 2mm.
  6. Rust protected threads make assembly easy.
  7. Cheaper than holes, and no need to purchase Nib-Head bolts, washers and nuts.


Studs can be damaged in transit. However, Rio-Carb will palletize liner plates such that they are not easily damaged during transporting.

Stud-Welded Liner Plate Guidelines

Fitting: Liners are marked on the Hard-faced Side with the same mark as the drawings. Nuts, and washers are supplied with the liners. Liners can also be permanently plasma etched on the back, upon request.

Protection: The threads are protected, which assists de-mounting, even years later, and this can also be done by one person only, on the outside of the chute.

Breakages: Should a Stud break-off due to mishandling, or over-tightening, it may be re-welded with a Mild Steel Electrode 2.4mm or 3.2mm dia. (The Stud and the backing plate are both weldable mild steel.)